Dark Rayman

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Dark Rayman
Dark Rayman
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, Rayman Redemption
Location Mr Dark's Dare, The End of the World

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Resistance Invincible (Mr Dark's Dare) 15 HP (The End of the World)
Attacks Deadly touch (Mr Dark's Dare), Moskito projectiles, fireballs (The End of the World)

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Species Rayman's species

Relatives Mr Dark (creator)

Rayman (sibling via cloning)

Dark Rayman is character who appears in some Rayman fan games. He is a clone of Rayman, magically created by Mr Dark in an attempt to destroy the original. His appearance is very similar to that of Rayman, but with different coloration. He has glowing yellow eyes, grey skin, green tongue, pink hair and neckerchief, light blue gloves, and dark blue shirt and shoes.

In Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror

In Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror Dark Rayman is an unlockable playable character in this game, although he plays no part in the game's story.

In Rayman Redemption

Mr Dark's Dare

In Rayman Redemption, Dark Rayman reprises his role in the original Rayman game, where he was called Bad Rayman. He appears in Mr Dark's Dare, summoned by Mr Dark's spell. He follows Rayman wherever he goes as well as copying his actions. Rayman cannot stand still for too long, because Dark Rayman will walk towards him after a brief moment, and both him and Dark Rayman will die instantly if they touch. Similarly, Rayman must avoid colliding with Dark Rayman while retracing his steps. Dark Rayman cannot be harmed by any weapons that Rayman has, and the only way to defeat him without killing Rayman in the process is to reach the exit in the area.

Unlike the original Rayman game, where Bad Rayman appeared only once - in the second part of Mr Dark's Dare, in Rayman Redemption he appears again, in the fourth part of the level - this time chasing Rayman in a dark castle infested with antitoons.

The End of the World

Dark Rayman makes his final appearance in the game in part 1 of The End of the World. This time he is riding Dark Moskito as they engage Rayman and Bzzit in an aerial battle. This is the only time where Dark Rayman may be hit directly, although it is not clear whether Bzzit's energy projectiles harm him or Dark Moskito. During the battle, Dark Rayman is largely passive, while Dark Moskito fires energy projectiles at Rayman and Bzzit. After being hit 5 times, Dark Rayman leaves the screen (harming Rayman if he touches him), and sends spirals of fireballs at the heroes, before returning to direct combat. He will repeat this after being hit 5 more times. Finally, after suffering 15 hits, Dark Rayman and Dark Moskito are defeated.

As an unlockable skin

  • The Dark Rayman skin may be purchased in the Shop for 500 tings after the main story mode is completed.
  • The Game Boy Color version of Dark Rayman skin may be similarly purchased for 500 tings after the Dark medallion is completed (by beating The End of the World and The Final Challenge).


  • Making Dark Rayman grimace (which is possible because he copies Rayman's every move) grants the Right Back at ya achievement.