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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman: Revenge of the Dark, Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, The Spooky Raymansion, Rayman Redemption, Rayman Bowling 2, The Spooky Raymansion 2, Rayman ReDesigner, The Spooky Raymansion 3, Return to The Spooky Raymansion
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Sex Male
Species Rayman's species
Status Hero

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Rayman is the main protagonist of the video game series of the same name as well as multiple fan-made games.

In Rayman: Revenge of the Dark

Rayman is set to be the main character in Rayman: Revenge of the Dark. One year after the defeat of Mr Dark, the residents of the Dream Forest are preparing a ceremony to bestow upon Rayman the blessing of the Great Protoon, designating him the guardian of the Valley.

In Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror

Rayman is one of the three playable characters in Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, being the only one available from the start and that is relevant to the story.

In Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, Rayman is captured with the Magician following their defeat against the Dark Magician spawned by the Great Protoon. Rayman is imprisoned in Flint Jail but is freed by Betilla. Rayman escapes and defeats the Dark Magician's forces throughout his adventure before ultimately eliminating him in the Dark Stronghold, also helping various characters by bringing them unique collectibles and freeing the Magician in Fiery Fort. Rayman ultimately saves the world by destroying the Dark Storm.

In The Spooky Raymansion

Rayman is the protagonist of The Spooky Raymansion, despite this not being revealed within this game. He finds himself within the mansion of Noseless Rayman, a comedic and terrifying parody of him without a nose, hunting down the limbless hero within a maze. Rayman escapes by finding all the Tings which opens a portal which allowed him to escape a furious Noseless Rayman.

However, Rayman is deeply affected by this game's events, as Noseless Rayman starts haunting his mind as a recurring nightmare, leading to the stories of The Spooky Raymansion 2 and to The Spooky Raymansion 3.

It can be inferred from Return to The Spooky Raymansion's story that Rayman originally came to the mansion with his Ting Finder to get rich by collecting Tings, being unaware that the seemingly abandoned place was the domain of a nightmarish entity looking almost identical to himself.

In Rayman Redemption

Rayman is the main character in Rayman Redemption, having a nearly identical role to his appearance in Rayman 1. He can be seen sleeping in a hammock at the start and answers the Magician, who asks him to rescue the Electoons, with a simple "No problem". He can then directly afterwards be seen in {{rr|The Dream Forest|the Dream Forest]] on the map, through the eyes of Mr Dark who is watching him as he makes his way closer to his hideout in Candy Château.

In the final levels, Mr Dark summons Dark Rayman, an evil clone who follows Rayman's every step and is subsequently fought in The End of the World. Rayman brings peace to the Valley by defeating the evil sorcerer who had absorbed the powers of the Great Protoon, the hero using the Great Protoon's powers for himself to safely escape the darkness consuming The End of the World.

In Rayman Bowling 2

In Rayman Bowling 2, Rayman is seen playing bowling until he's interrupted by Mr Dark, Razorbeard and André who came for their revenge after 25 years of having their plans thwarted by the limbless hero, challenging him to a game of bowling. After defeating them all, Mr Dark reveals himself to be Rayman's "brother" in disguise, The Teller, the living embodiment of an older game created by Michel Ancel who is jealous of Rayman getting the spotlight since so many years. Rayman defeats The Teller and spares his life, telling him that they both suffer from being abandoned by their "father" and can wait together for their new game, promising to introduce The Teller to his friends.

In The Spooky Raymansion 2

Haunted by nightmares of Noseless Rayman where Rayman he's looking for something important, the limbless hero returns to the mansion of the noseless monster to find that thing. Surviving Noseless Rayman through the various levels of the mansion, Rayman ultimately finds what he was looking for: Rayman 4, which was actually the bootleg game Rayman IV as he regretly finds out after escaping from Noseless Rayman's fury and from the mansion.

Once again, his role as the protagonist was left ambiguous within the context of this game, with only his gloves being a clue towards his identity. In the extra Level X, Rayman must survive a nightmare involving Noseless Rayman. As he successfully does so, he hears the humming of birds and notices his nightmares have stopped, until they eventually return in The Spooky Raymansion 3.

In Rayman ReDesigner

Rayman is the playable character in Rayman ReDesigner with all of his powers and skins from Rayman Redemption, although some of the latter are now temporary and become full-on power-ups through the Laser-Washing Powders. His associated event in the editor allows to define his starting points in any level, with a maximum of a thousand. His starting health can be set from one to ten through the level editor, but any other value is also achievable by editing the text in a level's file, albeit this can cause issues if the numbers are either zero or way too high.

In The Spooky Raymansion 3

In The Spooky Raymansion 3, Rayman must escape from nightmares involving Noseless Rayman. After going through a few levels and finding three Yellow Lums, Rayman finally gets to fight back against Noseless Rayman, using a Shotgun to vanquish him. This puts an ultimate end to these nightmares.

Rayman's identity is confirmed within this game through his voice and icon in Level 5. According to Ryemanni[1], Rayman is stuck in a sort of coma throughout The Spooky Raymansion 3, his dreams haunted by Noseless Rayman until the noseless nightmare is ultimately banished from his mind after being defeated in Level 5.

In Return to The Spooky Raymansion

As a friend of Rayman went to Noseless Rayman's mansion to find enough Tings to be set for life and did not return, Rayman goes back to the mansion once again. After making it to the mansion's final level and surviving Noseless Rayman, he finds Globox chained up in the air who hands him a Shotgun to fight Noseless Rayman. Disgusted by Noseless Rayman's actions, he curses while calling him a monster, claiming he already defeated him in a dream once and can do it again to finally end it all. He fights Noseless Rayman and defeats him with the weapon, causing him to explode. He safely leaves alongside Globox, with many Tings in their bag.



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