True Boss Rush

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True Boss Rush is the last of the Magician's Challenges in Rayman Redemption. It requires to beat The End of the World and to own 40 Magician tokens to unlock, the last of which is only granted upon completion of the penultimate challenge - Boss Rush.

In this challenge, Rayman must defeat all 21 of the main bosses and sub-bosses of the game, as well as a secret boss acting as a second phase to Darker Mr Dark. The challenge must be completed on a single life, without dying, and the player is given only a single Super power and two Big powers, to replenish Rayman's health and power-up his fist between fights. All bosses have been recolored to look different, and have had their attack patterns modified to make them significantly harder. This, together with more than doubling the number of battles, makes True Boss Rush a far more difficult challenge than Boss Rush.

Some battles aren't fought in the same order as throughout the main adventure, such as Bzzit being fought before the first Darktoon or Mr Sax being fought before the Mad drummer. A third form of Mr Dark and additional 22th boss, Darkest Mr Dark, must be defeated as well to complete the challenge. Succeeding will reward Rayman with the SNES skin and the True Hero achievement.

True Boss Rush order of enemies
Enemy Color changes Behavior changes
Darktoon in The Dream Forest
Tentacle flower
Moskito Moves slower and less erratically during the projectile spitting attack similarly to Bzzit.
Mr Sax Spits additional Bad Note Bombs of both types when attacking with any projectile.
Mad drummer
Mr Stone Generates flames similarly to Magma Men's when pounding the ground or landing after a jump, including when being hit by Rayman in the final phase.
Darktoon in Blue Mountains
Viking Mama
Viking Mama
Greek Mama
Space Mama
Space Mama
Spawns more space pots and generates a few of them while being inside the washing machine.
Darktoon in The Caves of Skops
Spider Master
Mr Skops Shoots more projectiles from his tail and creates energy flames when stinging the ground from the ceilling.
The Chessmaster
The Menace The Menace (green) The Menace (red) Throws two bombs instead of one.
Bad Cake
The Dark Chimera First hybrid's pincer creates flames on the ground, the second one creates two diagonal space pots instead of a vertical one, the third shoots longer lasers, the fourth shoots more energy projectiles, the fifth spits additional Bad Note Bombs alongside the wrong notes and the sixth amalgamation generates two energy flames after a jump each going in a different direction.
Mr Dark
Mr Dark
Starts out with four shields during every phase of attack before resorting to the Great Protoon.
Dark Rayman on Dark Moskito
Darker Mr Dark/Darkest Mr Dark Doesn't change, but leads to an additional battle with a secret form.