Mr Dark

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Mr Dark
Mr Dark
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, Rayman Redemption, Rayman Bowling 2, Rayman ReDesigner
Location Mr Dark's Dare, The End of the World

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Resistance 6 HP (Rayman Redemption)

6 HP (Darker Mr Dark form)

5 HP (Darkest Mr Dark form)

Attacks Magic projectiles, flames, thunderbolts, curling into a ball protected by magic orbs, laser beams, magic walls, curses with various effects

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Species Unknown

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Mr Dark is Rayman's arch-nemesis, and a major character in the Rayman series, both in official and fanmade content. A diabolical and mysterious shape-shifting sorcerer, Mr Dark has attempted to disrupt the balance of the Glade of Dreams on several occasions, but is always thwarted by Rayman. His features are hidden beneath a shadowy cloak and hat, beneath which only his glowing yellow eyes can be seen. Mr Dark's first official appearance is in the original Rayman game, where he acts as the main antagonist and final boss. He makes various appearances in many unofficial games, his most notable one being his role as the main villain and final boss of Rayman Redemption, being fought in different forms.

In Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror

Mr Dark appears as a playable character, being unlocked by completing the game and getting every collectible.

He simply functions as a skin of Rayman and plays in the exact same way as him, although his animations and projectiles appear different. Instead of the Telescopic Fist, Mr Dark shoots his magic projectiles, which take a unique appearance depending on which fist power-up the player has found or if Mr Dark charges his shot long enough. To glide, Mr Dark simply emits some dark energy from his cloak, and he can shape-shift his body into simply his head and his feet in order to crawl. When losing a life, his hat is seen falling.

In Rayman Redemption

Mr Dark is the main antagonist and final boss of Rayman Redemption, appearing a few times throughout Candy Château and Final Showdown, and being fought as a boss twice during the adventure and more through optional challenges. His role is very similar to his appearance in Rayman 1, but is much more involved and he actually makes use of the Great Protoon's powers.

His original ambiguous transformations into three hybrids of the previous bosses have been replaced by the Dark Chimera, an amalgamation of his mightiest minions created by his powers and fought right before him in Mr Dark's Dare. Mr Dark has two transformations in this game gained through the powers of the Great Protoon: Darker Mr Dark and Darkest Mr Dark, the first being the final boss fought in The End of the World and the latter being an optional secret boss and the ultimate opponent in the True Boss Rush.

During his first battle, Mr Dark is protected by some magic shields as a reference to his appearance in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman, and he uses many attacks both old and new. He becomes vulnerable when attacking in his spheric form, bouncing on the walls very similarly to Multi Minion from Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, which is also a reference to the similar phase in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman.

Mr Dark is fought twice in the Boss Rush, first in his normal form and then in his Darker Mr Dark appearance. He has to be defeated in harder versions of both of these forms as well as his secret Darkest Mr Dark transformation in the True Boss Rush.

Mr Dark as he appears in the True Boss Rush.

During the True Boss Rush, Mr Dark switches to a purple and yellow color palette, as a reference to his appearance in the Game Boy Color version of the original Rayman.

His castle in Mr Dark's Dare contains a statue made in his image, which is also found in the hall of the Boss Rush and True Boss Rush. A Checkpoint skin is also themed around his likeness, being available in the Shop for 100 Tings once Rayman has completed the Dark Medallion. Mr Dark's badge is used for the icon of the Boss Rush and of the True Boss Rush, and his voice can also be heard when attempting to use a cheat code in Demise mode.

As Darker Mr Dark

Darker Mr Dark is a transformation of Mr Dark achieved by harnessing the powers of the Great Protoon, appearing more menacing, pure darkness emanating from his cloak and the Great Protoon glowing in different colors being held inside his torso. It is battled in the penultimate part of The End of the World.

In this form, Mr Dark's abilities become far more potent and he even gains a new set of attacks. The color of the Great Protoon's light changes to signify what power Darker Mr Dark will use:

  • Purple (laser): Darker Mr Dark will unleash some powerful beams below himself, moving above Rayman's position between each of them to strike him.
  • Yellow (projectiles): A rain of Mr Dark's yellow projectiles unleashed far quicker than in his original form, forcing Rayman to dodge all of them at the same time.
  • Blue (Antitoons): Darker Mr Dark will spawn some chomping Antitoons which must swiftly be dealt with if Rayman doesn't want to be overwhelmed.
  • Sky blue (thunderbolt): Darker Mr Dark will unleash lightning bolts electrifying the whole ground just as he did before, although he can do so repetitively near the end of the fight.
  • Red (walls): Darker Mr Dark will create spiky walls of energy repetitively, quickly moving in Rayman's direction and vanishing near the edge of the platform, forcing him to run to the other side as quickly as possible.
  • Any color (orbs): Darker Mr Dark will position himself on the ground at any edge of the platform to continuously shoot two magic orbs from the Great Protoon's power which spin in a way that can only be dodged with a very well-timed jump. This attack mode exposes his core to damage, allowing Rayman to strike him by punching the Great Protoon.

Darker Mr Dark's colours in True Boss Rush might be a reference to Mr Dark's appearance in Rayman Junior. Prior to version 1.1.0, this hard version of Darker Mr Dark used his original colours, as if Darkest Mr Dark was originally intended to be the actual alteration of this form during this challenge.

As Darkest Mr Dark

Darkest Mr Dark, also known as Mr Void, is the second transformation of Mr Dark fought immediately after his Darker form in the True Boss Rush, acting as a secret final boss fought in an unknown dimension of intense darkness. It takes the appearance of a cloud of ever-flowing darkness with a big pair of furious yellow eyes, flying next to a swollen up and corrupted Great Protoon which turned grey and black and is surrounded by dark orbs acting as a shield similarly to those used by Mr Dark in his normal form. It is a hypothetical form which Mr Dark could have achieved should he have successfully entirely corrupted the Great Protoon and merged with it, becoming a pure vortex of void and darkness.

As a result, Mr Dark's powers are increased to a nearly godlike degree, being able to use his previous abilities in a more powerful and accurate way and even more relentlessly. Rayman must fight him while riding Bzzit, the latter's speed, firepower and ability to fly being more than required to compete with the mighty foe. The Great Protoon and the orbs become increasingly redder as Darkest Mr Dark takes damage.

Due to this form resembling a sinister spirit, it is also slightly reminiscent of Mr Dark's ghostly shape as it appeared once defeated at the end of the Game Boy Color version of the original Rayman. It is also the only boss who does not have a different color-palette and alternate variation of its attacks, being already exclusive to True Boss Rush. Due to this, it can be seen as the actual change to Darker Mr Dark in this challenge, further reinforced by the fact Darker Mr Dark's appearance didn't change before version 1.1.0.

It is also one of the few bosses that do not have a health bar, and it takes multiples shots from Bzzit to actually damage his core.


In Rayman Bowling 2

Mr Dark is one of the main antagonists and the third boss of Rayman Bowling 2, starting the game's events by challenging Rayman to a game of bowling alongside André and Razorbeard. In this game, he's secretly another character who disguised himself as the evil sorcerer, The Teller, the true main antagonist and final boss who embodies a video game created by Michel Ancel, jealous that Rayman got all the love from his creator. The Teller reveals he took Mr Dark's identity ever since the events of Rayman 1 25 years prior to Rayman Bowling 2's events, having waited so long for his revenge since his first failure.

In Rayman ReDesigner

Mr Dark returns in Rayman ReDesigner as he appeared in Rayman Redemption, although he's only available as an obstacle object with six distinct variations, throwing an evil spell at Rayman before leaving the stage by flying upwards in his spheric form. Due to the way Rayman ReDesigner works, more than one Mr Dark can exist at the same time.

These are the six curses available to cast:

In order for Mr Dark to cast a curse, Rayman must be located close enough in front of the direction in which the sorcerer is facing. This makes it possible to place Mr Dark as a decorative NPC by making sure his curse cannot be triggered. Although Rayman can be subjected to the effects of every different curse at the same time, using more than one curse of the same type will not result in stacked effects, including Dark Rayman who will remain unique even if his spawning particles can appear multiple times.

Under the effects of a curse other than Dark Rayman, Rayman will have a frustrated face. Rayman can dispel the effects of a curse and despawn Dark Rayman by making contact with a Curse Cleaner. Remaining inside one will also instantly remove any curse Mr Dark can unleash, effectively becoming an immunity zone. Some of those curses make the gameplay more similar to the early parts of the original Rayman as Rayman didn't start will all of his powers, making it possible for mapmakers to replicate the lack of some powers from Rayman 1 and to make him earn a few abilities through a Curse Cleaner.

The Tall Flame, Mr Dark's fire column from Rayman Redemption, is also available as a separate immobile and indestructible obstacle, which damages Rayman on contact and cannot be passed through. Most of his minions are also featured in the game, including Darktoon who can be used as a substitute for his magic projectiles. The Mr Dark Checkpoint skin from Rayman Redemption is still available and is unlocked by default.

Mr Dark's statue and all the environment in his castle from Mr Dark's Dare returns in the editor through the extra theme, and a "snowman" made out of cream in the Candy Château theme is wearing Mr Dark's hat. The True Boss Rush version of Mr Dark's sprite can still be found in the game's files, despite it being completely unused in Rayman ReDesigner.