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Rayman Redemption is an unofficial remake and reimagining of the original Rayman game, made by Ryemanni and released in 2020 for PCs running Microsoft Windows. Its final update, version 1.1.4, was released later the same year.

This reimagined version of Rayman 1 features nearly all content from that game and focuses on expanding it as well as refining its gameplay, story and difficulty.

The graphics remain mostly the same, using assets from Rayman 1, its ports and prototype versions, as well as spin-offs, such as Rayman Designer. Additionally, entirely new assets were created in the style of the original game. Rayman Redemption adds support for widescreen view and modern screen resolutions. While classic 4:3 is supported, the reduced visible range in this mode makes some locations awkward.

The soundtrack from the original Rayman remains intact aside from a few exclusions, and many additional tracks and sound effects were added. One tune returns in stereo format from Ryemanni's earlier game - Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror.

Noteworthy changes include an entire new world known as Playtopia, new levels in most returning worlds, expanded and unified level design, new enemies and bosses including a true showdown with Mr Dark, customization through skins or Ting sound effects, new objects and power-ups, and Rayman starting with all of his abilities unlocked. A system of achievements and accompanying bonuses is present.

Rayman ReDesigner, a game acting as a stand-alone level editor to Rayman Redemption, was released in 2021 by Ryemanni.


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Ryemanni (known on the forum as Raymanni) announced the project in a Rayman Pirate-Community forum thread [1] on 17th May, 2018. Game Jolt was chosen as the distribution platform with updates and notifications being posted throughout the game's development and for post-release updates [2].

Rayman Redemption uses the GameMaker engine. It has been verified to work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11. A demo was released on 15 June, 2019, and the first full version on 19 June, 2020, after 3 years in development [3]. The final build, 1.1.4, was published on 18 November, 2020.


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Rayman Redemption's plot remains the same as the original game, but with additions and some differences such as the inclusion of new characters, the Toontotems and a greatly changed and expanded final part of the story involving Mr Dark and the Great Protoon.

The game features every world and level from the original Rayman, but also adds some new ones such as Playtopia, Final Showdown and Dark Legacy.

The Dream Forest

The first world of the game is the The Dream Forest, a lush jungle. Rayman's journey begins in a region known as Pink Plant Woods, at the end of which he encounters Darktoon for the first time. The next stage is Anguish Lagoon, where Rayman meets the mosquito Bzzit. After a brief fight, Bzzit befriends Rayman and carries him to the end of the level. From here, Rayman can continue to The Swamps of Forgetfulness. He will help Tarayzan regain his loincloth, and as a token of gratitude, will receive from him a Magic seed to help through the flood. The final section of the world is Moskito's Nest, where Rayman battles Moskito. After the battle, Rayman reaches the first Toontotem and releases the Pink rings.

Band Land

The second world of the game is Band Land, a landscape composed of music and musical instruments. The first region Rayman passes through is Bongo Hills, an area relatively close to the ground, with many drum platforms. Next, he reaches Allegro Presto, a location higher in the air, composed mainly of slippery sheet music. Climbing even higher, Rayman passes through Gong Heights, high in the cloudy sky, en route to Mr Sax's Hullaballoo, the final area of the world, where he battles Mr Sax. Optionally, Rayman and Bzzit can fly through Mosquitoes' Sonata - an area that combines the look, feel and obstacles of all levels in Band Land.

Blue Mountains

The third world of the game is the Blue Mountains, a cold mountain range. The first level is Twilight Gulch, where Rayman finds himself chased by Mr Stone, the gigantic rock creature who is the boss of this region. The next area is The Hard Rocks, inhabited by rock monsters of various kinds. After taking Bzzit on a ride through The Highest Peak, Rayman continues to Mr Stone's Peaks. He meets The Musician and helps him retrieve his guitar which was hidden by the rock monsters. The Musician rewards Rayman by the Super helicopter potion, critical for navigating through the spiky mazes of this area. At the end of the level, Rayman battles Mr Stone. Having defeated him, he continues to Tempest Terror high in the mountains, where it frequently snows. At the end, Rayman battles Darktoon for the second time and releases the Pink springs from the second Toontotem.

Picture City

The fourth world of the game is Picture City, a landscape composed of artwork and art supplies. The first level is Eraser Plains, where Rayman encounters Viking Mama and her Pirate lackeys. Following that, Rayman will visit Pencil Pentathlon and Art Block, where he will battle Greek Mama and her Hoplites. The last level is Space Mama's Crater, where {Space Mama is fought in her final form. Optionally, Rayman and Bzzit can visit Riding the Rainbow and navigate through perilous pencils, spiky balls and pins.

The Caves of Skops

The fifth world of the game is the The Caves of Skops, a series of dark but colorful underground caverns. After passing through Crystal Palace, Rayman meets Joe the Extra-Terrestrial at Eat at Joe's. Joe gives Rayman a Firefly to light up the dark caves. Rayman battles the Spider Master in the caves, and helps Joe restore power to his diner. Joe then blows up some beach balls to help Rayman across the water. Rayman then meets Mr Skops, who knocks him down into the Molten Depths. Deep in the caves, Rayman battles Darktoon for the third and final time, unlocks the final Toontotem and releases the Pink poles. After flying with Bzzit in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Rayman battles Mr Skops face to face in Mr Skops' Stalactites.


The sixth world of the game is Playtopia and is one of Rayman Redemption's new locations, a landscape mostly composed of various toys. After making way through Child's Play and The Playhouse, Rayman enters The Lair of the Chessmaster, and defeats the latter in a game of chess. The defeated Chessmaster gives Rayman the Master Key, which unlocks the Master Door in Brain Games - a level filled with math puzzles (similar to Rayman Junior). At the end of the level, Rayman fights the final boss of Playtopia - The Menace.

Candy Château

The seventh world of the game is Candy Château, a landscape composed of sweets and crockery. In Rayman Redemption, it has been expanded to a full-fledged world with multiple locations. After passing through Tasty Reception, Rayman enters Choco Chambers, where he meets the Clown Chef. For fixing his ice-cream machine, the chef give Rayman his sausage Frying pan to navigate the first part of the level. In the next part, Rayman finds the Super helicopter potion, and has to navigate a tricky maze with multiple Keys. Before the end of the level, Rayman is confronted my Mr Dark, who sets a chocolate monster, known as Bad Cake, on him. The next location, The Sweet Spot ends with a maze patrolled by walking Nougat. Rayman can take Bzzit on a flight through The Candy Armada, fighting various Clowns and Lightning eyes. The final level of this world is Mr Dark's Dare, like in the original game. Rayman will have to slide on a Frying pan, run from Dark Rayman on two separate occasions, and overcomeMr Dark's spells affecting his abilities. Finally, he will fight Mr Dark's amalgamation - the Dark Chimera, and Mr Dark himself.

Final Showdown

The eighth and final main world of the game is Final Showdown, inspired by the the original game's SNES prototype. After his defeat at the end of Candy Château, Mr Dark escapes with the Great Protoon, causing the entire world to start ripping from its seams. Rayman travels to The Lonely Cliff and is greeted by all the game's friendly characters, and also by Darktoon who has denounced Mr Dark. Betilla instructs Bzzit to carry Rayman to Mr Dark's hiding place. To get there, they must survive an aerial battle with Dark Rayman on Dark Moskito. Bzzit leaves Rayman at the entrance to an eerie place of dark tendrils, as he is unable to fly through them. Rayman must traverse it on foot, avoiding regular and Giant Antitoons. At the end of the level, a platform carries Rayman up to the final showdown with Mr Dark. Rayman defeats the sorcerer and releases the Great Protoon from its clutches, restoring order to the world.

Dark Legacy

A bonus ninth world was added in Rayman Redemption, inspired by the world of the same name from the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. It consists of a single level, filled with spiky vines, fruit and platforms, and inhabited by Stone men and Spiders. Successfully navigating through this hostile environment unlocks the Breakout Minigame.


Additional zones available in Rayman Redemption are unlocked throughout the adventure. This includes the Magician's Challenges, Betilla's Garden, The Shop, Joe's Wares, the Casino and the Breakout Minigame. It also includes Dark Magician's Challenge, one of the Magician's bonus levels, which is its own small bonus world and a throwback to Flint Jail from Rayman The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror.


Just like Rayman 1 and Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, Rayman Redemption is a 2D side-scrolling platform game. The game takes place in a valley which is made up of nine different worlds. Some worlds are reimagined areas from Rayman 1, others are new, often inspired by locations from other Rayman games. The worlds are a mix of natural environments (the Dream Forest, Blue Mountains, the Caves of Skops and Dark Legacy) and imaginary ones (Band Land, Picture City, Playtopia and the Candy Château).

The seven main worlds are divided into four primary levels, each with six Electoon cages to find. New collectibles were added - Magician tokens and hidden Gifts. Most worlds include bonus levels and extra locations. Unlike in Rayman 1, breaking all cages is not mandatory to access Mr Dark's Dare, the Final Showdown or the end credits; however, it is required to open the bonus world - Dark Legacy. Magician tokens give access to special Magician's Challenges, and all of them are required to access the last of those challenges - True Boss Rush.

Rayman Redemption features three modes acting as a permanent difficulty setting for a save file: Classic, Casual, and Demise, the latter introduced in version 1.1.0.

  • Classic behaves similarly to the original Rayman, with limited lives. However, unlike Rayman 1, extra lives reappear whenever levels are replayed, making their "farming" easier.
  • Casual is a modern mode giving the player infinite lives. In this mode, lives cannot be bought in the Shop and will give the player some Tings instead when collected.
  • Demise is a difficult mode introduced to challenge the player to the best of their abilities. In this mode, lives are limited, and can only be recovered by buying them in the Shop. Rayman starts with only one life point, instead of the normal three. However, upgrades in Betilla's Garden still work, so a maximum of five default health points can be reached. Big Powers and lives found in the levels are rigged, damaging or killing Rayman when he touches them. Cheat codes and mid-level checkpoints are also disabled, although the latter are still visible in levels and can be customized as usual. In this mode, the game is far more difficult, and some achievements and extra skins cannot be unlocked normally.


All levels can be replayed an unlimited number of times, in any order. Unlike the original game, all boss segments, dialogs and story events are always accessible in replays, excluding a few such as the corrupted version of The Lonely Cliff. Cages that have been broken will reappear as golden empty cages, awarding Rayman some Tings instead when broken. Gifts and Magician tokens that have already been obtained reappear as transparent versions of themselves, but won't reward Rayman with anything when collected. Unlike Rayman 1, lives respawn later in levels and the player has infinite continues, making it far easier to keep a high number of lives.

In some cases, backtracking is necessary, because certain items are out of reach until Rayman frees some particular Pink helpers. Pink helpers that have not yet been freed appear in their would-be locations as transparent versions of themselves, thus serving as indications to the player as to which areas will need to be revisited.

List of powers and power-ups

In Rayman Redemption, Rayman starts with all of his abilities from the original game, including the grimace and running powers, which are now assigned to separate buttons and are no longer mutually exclusive. Access to new areas is gained by freeing the Pink helpers and interacting with them. Rayman will also receive new permanent upgrades and temporary power-ups along the game. Shop upgrades can be turned off in the game's settings.

Permanent abilities

Shop power-ups

All shop upgrades, once bought, stay until the end of the game.

Pink helpers

Temporary power-ups

Recurring collectibles

  • Tings: Small blue bubbles used as a currency in the shops. Unlike in Rayman 1, they are not automatically converted into extra lives, and so a large number can be accumulated (which is required for a specific achievement).
  • Rainbow Tings: Yield 9 Tings when grabbed.
  • Powers: Come as a small red atom with a P on the front, or a large red one - the former gives Rayman one or two units of health, while the latter replenishes his entire health and gives extra health points (reset if Rayman loses a life). Differently from the original game, big powers can keep increasing Rayman's health even further if he collects more. Big powers are rigged in Demise mode, damaging Rayman upon touch.
  • Speed Fist: Allows Rayman's fist to fly faster and further than normal. Up to three upgrades can be stacked at the same time - additional ones have no effect. Losing a life drops the speed by one level. Speed power-ups also affect Bzzit's projectiles.
  • Golden Fist: Turns Rayman's fist golden and doubles its power. Also affect Bzzit's projectiles.
  • Golden power combines the effect of the big power (with additional health points), the Golden Fist and triple Speed Fist.
  • Life: Gives Rayman an extra life, as well as restoring his entire health. They are rigged in Demise mode, killing Rayman upon touch.


The final epilogue image displayed at the end of the game shows Rayman with all his friends.

Throughout the game, Rayman meets an array of different characters, some of which aid him through his journey.




The world map of Rayman Redemption

The game contains 37 levels, split across 9 worlds. 6 of the worlds are returning from the original Rayman, and 3 are new. Of the new worlds, one is a normal world, one contains the final showdown of the game, and the final one is a bonus world, consisting only of a single, hard level, which is unlocked if the player manages to beat all prior levels, while breaking all the Cages. The total number of levels and content is more than double that of the original game.

In each of the returning worlds, all original levels are present. Each level in Rayman Redemption is a reimagination of the corresponding level of Rayman 1, with recognizable design and changes on top of it, usually expanding the level. Many worlds have entirely new levels. In Rayman 1, The Dream Forest and Band Land contained 4 levels each, while the later worlds had 3. Rayman Redemption adds additional levels, so that all the worlds now have exactly 4 main levels, including the new one - Playtopia.

Most worlds after the first have new levels, where Rayman is riding Bzzit, similar to the section in Anguish Lagoon. These levels are optional and their completion is not required for story mode, but they contain extra Magician tokens, which unlock additional challenges. Some of them contain custom skin collectibles for Bzzit.

All of the Magician's bonus levels have been removed from the levels, and replaced with harder and more varied Magician's Challenges. Access to the challenges is granted by collecting a certain number of Magician tokens in the regular levels. The final three challenges include a throwback to the Flint Jail world from Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror, and two "boss rushes" - a regular and a hard one.

The levels are laid out on a map of The valley, similar to that of the original Rayman, with additional areas for the new worlds. Special points on the map exist for extra sections, where the player can purchase upgrades, or access the Magician's Challenges. The Breakout Minigame, which opens up after completing The Final Challenge, now has its own icon on the map, instead of requiring a cheat code.

The Dream Forest

Band Land

Blue Mountains

Picture City

The Caves of Skops


Candy Château

Final Showdown

Dark Legacy


Magician's Challenges


  • The Lonely Cliff has two different variations, with the second one only being available during the end of the story when Mr Dark corrupts the world map.
  • The game automatically saves the player's progress each time a level is completed or exited. Thus, the special save icons present on the map of Rayman 1 have been removed and replaced by the extra locations, as they serve no purpose.


The game features most of Rayman 1's PlayStation soundtrack, as well as some sounds and music taken from other games such as the main theme from the Atari Jaguar version of Rayman. The new tracks of Rayman Redemption were composed by Ryemanni, some of which are inspired by some pieces from a few versions of the original Rayman. This new soundtrack has been made available to download on the game's Game Jolt page page, including three early versions of some tracks as an extra.


Rayman Redemption was received extremely favorably, being regarded by many players as one of the best Rayman games both fan-made and official, and one of the best fan-made games in general. Informally, it is considered as "the ultimate version of Rayman 1".

Criticism tends to focus on the difficulty of the final worlds and some of the bonus challenges or achievements. However, most of the game is viewed as considerably easier than the original, and it is often recommended to new players as the least frustrating introduction to the Rayman 1 experience.

Some gameplay elements were criticized too, such as the new physics of the super helicopter[4] and the flying rings,[5] as well as the perceived inaccuracy of the newly introduced golden rings.[6] Additionally, the new graphic assets such as those used for Playtopia were deemed to be of lower quality than those of the original game.[7]


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