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Noseless Rayman
Return to The Spooky Raymansion Cover Noseless Rayman.png
Alignment Bad

Appears in The Spooky Raymansion, Rayman Redemption, The Spooky Raymansion 2, Rayman ReDesigner, The Spooky Raymansion 3, Return to The Spooky Raymansion
Location Spooky Raymansion, The Lonely Cliff, The Lair of the Chessmaster, Rayman's nightmares

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Resistance Invincible (The Spooky Raymansion)

Invincible (The Spooky Raymansion 2)

Invincible (Rayman ReDesigner)

~50 HP (The Spooky Raymansion 3)

~65 HP (Return to The Spooky Raymansion)

Attacks Chase, nightmare clones, charge, flames, making Rayman fall out of a level, becoming giant, flaming ground pound

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Species Rayman's species

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Ever wondered what Rayman would look like without his iconic nose? Worry no more. Or actually... start worrying.
—Noseless Rayman's introductory tweet, Ryemanni

Noseless Rayman, sometimes simply called Noseless, is a character created by Ryemanni and who appears in many games by the same author. He is notably the antagonist in The Spooky Raymansion and its sequels.

He was originally created as a joke revealing what Rayman would look like without his signature big nose, but was quickly introduced to his own game, fully giving life to the character and his horrific potential.


The Spooky Raymansion Noseless Rayman Banner.png


Noseless Rayman is a comedic and terrifying parody of Rayman, appearing identical to him but without the nose, his eyes and smile being far more noticeable as a result. In most of his appearances, he's seen holding his hands forward, ready to grab anyone intruding on his domain. He only appears as a floating head in Rayman Redemption and Rayman ReDesigner.


In the Spooky Raymansion games, he chases Rayman inside a mansion and within his dreams as a nightmarish entity, most likely with the intent of eliminating or capturing him. While the noseless terror and his mansion are real, his appearances in The Spooky Raymansion 2's Level X and The Spooky Raymansion 3 are only a oneiric instance of him haunting Rayman's nightmares since his first adventure into the mansion.[1]

The reason for his hostile behaviour is unknown, but he may be protective of his territory and of some objects. He only becomes angry once Rayman gathers all of the Tings and the Spiral Door appears in the first game, and when Rayman picks up the bootleg game Rayman IV in The Spooky Raymansion 2. However, he doesn't react when Rayman takes any of the other games hidden in the mansion. In Return to The Spooky Raymansion, he captures Globox who came treasure hunting for Tings and attacks Rayman when he attempts to rescue his friend, even taunting the limbless hero loudly when he claims he can defeat the noseless monster. For some reason, he didn't bother to confiscate Globox's shotgun despite attaching him in the air with chains, although he possibly took away his Ting Finder. It has also been suggested he may intend to steal the intruder's nose, possibly to replace his missing one.

His voice is mostly comprised of official sounds relating to Rayman and modified to sound much deeper and slower, almost sounding demonic at times. Despite some of his cries implying frustration or pain in some situations, his constant smile never fades away, almost looking cruel. While he only makes screams and random noises throughout most of the Spooky Raymansion games, he reveals his ability to actually talk when taunting Rayman at the end of Return to The Spooky Raymansion.


Noseless Rayman appears to have some paranormal abilities, as he'll emit a red light which will glow in the entire vicinity when he grows furious. He can disturb electronic devices when angered as shown in The Spooky Raymansion 2 when the Ting Finder starts to malfunction, also resulting in the device displaying the word "NOSE" at times. He has been haunting Rayman's mind ever since they first met, chasing him in his nightmares until he was banished by being defeated in The Spooky Raymansion 3. The nightmare Noseless Rayman also appears to be able to duplicate himself as he does at the end of Level 3 and in his final chase. This dream variation of him can also charge at Rayman with tremendous strength, and can create dozens of tall flames by spinning very quickly, the latter being an attack the real Noseless Rayman can also perform but with more intensity.

His strength also is enough to overcome Rayman just by catching him whenever the hero is not armed, and he has an incredible resilience as he can withstand many shots from a Shotgun. In Return to The Spooky Raymansion, Noseless Rayman reveals his ability to increase his size, appearing giant while chasing Rayman in the penultimate level and growing bigger during the second phase of his boss battle. He can also jump very high and generate a few flames as he falls back to the ground.

The nightmare incarnation of Noseless Rayman is defeated in the third game, disappearing after being shot enough times by Rayman's Super Shotgun, banishing him from Rayman's dreams. The real Noseless Rayman is vanquished in Return to The Spooky Raymansion, disappearing in a huge explosion after being defeated again by Rayman's Shotgun. However, it's unknown if Noseless Rayman truly perished as he still appears on the title screen after the conclusion of Return to The Spooky Raymansion, while the nightmare counterpart disappeared from The Spooky Raymansion 3's title screen after the final level.

In The Spooky Raymansion

Noseless Rayman as he appears in the first Spooky Raymansion.

Noseless Rayman makes his first game appearance in The Spooky Raymansion, as the only enemy encountered by the player.

Noseless Rayman will spawn after some time with a message saying: "Rayman has joined the game." He will give chase to the player relentlessly, only retreating and stopping when they're concealed behind the fake walls hiding the Yellow Lums. However, he's slower than the player.

If the player is caught by Noseless Rayman, they will lose instantly and be subjected to a jump scare of Noseless Rayman screaming at them with his eyes briefly covering the entire screen, before being sent back to the title screen.

To survive, Rayman must collect every Ting on the map and go through the portal that will subsequently appear where they originally spawned. Once the player collects every Ting, Noseless Rayman will suddenly become angry and will move faster in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the exit portal, though Rayman can still outrun him. When the player makes it to the exit, they escape from Noseless Rayman and the game ends.

In Rayman Redemption

Noseless Rayman appears twice as an easter egg in Rayman Redemption and a cheat code is a nod to him.

His head can be found in the second section of The Lair of the Chessmaster, hiding behind a wall near a cage. It can be found as well in every variation of the Lonely Cliff, just after the hidden text thanking the player.

If the player enters the code "NOSELESS", an incomprehensible text will appear, with the characters being similar to the shape of Noseless Rayman's eyes.

In The Spooky Raymansion 2

Noseless Rayman as he appears in the second Spooky Raymansion.

Noseless Rayman returns as the antagonist of the second Spooky Raymansion, haunting both a mansion and the protagonist's nightmares. He is seen on the title screen and appears in every level, except Level 1 and in the first section of Level 5.

His behaviour is very similar to the first Spooky Raymansion, but this time, he runs when he sees Rayman and can outrun him with ease. As a new countermeasure, Rayman can hide from him by crawling into some conduits in the walls. Unlike the original game, his spawning point isn't randomised depending on the player's location.

His voice and jump scare have also been changed, with the latter replacing the sight of his eyes with the screen zooming on his face. A game over screen has also been added with a message saying: "You couldn't find what you were looking for." In Level 5, this message is changed to "You couldn't escape in time."

In most levels, the player must find every Ting once again, but must also gather a key that will appear once they're collected. They must then get to the locked door to the next level without getting caught by the noseless monster.

In Level 5, Rayman finds a copy of "Rayman 4", and his Ting Finder suddenly malfunctions as a grim warning to Noseless Rayman's anger. He must then escape from the mansion by going through the past locations while being chased by a furious Noseless Rayman. In that level, the noseless creature will last appear in the final section corresponding to Level 1, appearing in front of the main door in a last ditch effort to catch Rayman. If the limbless hero make it through the conduit from which he originally entered the mansion, he will successfully escape Noseless Rayman, only to notice the "Rayman 4" he found was just a bootleg.

If the player has found every Yellow Lum, they will gain access to Level X, an extra stage taking place in Rayman's nightmares and serving as a true ending to the game. Noseless Rayman will appear in the oneiric maze to chase the player. If Rayman escapes yet again, he will wake up and claim that the nightmares have stopped.

In Rayman ReDesigner

Noseless Rayman is featured as a secret invincible enemy in Rayman ReDesigner debuting in version 1.3.3, alongside the seven other hidden objects spawning with his own. He can be added to levels through the editor by hitting the "Home" key on a keyboard and entering the code "rdmrt". He can be manipulated like most other objects and so more than one Noseless Rayman can exist at the same time.

He has the same appearance as his head in Rayman Redemption, albeit he is more than a decoration as he starts chasing Rayman endlessly from the moment Noseless Rayman's head enters the player's sight. Noseless Rayman can fly freely towards the player at a rather slow speed and he can pass through absolutely anything. He will only be stopped if deleted by a Killdoor or if the Rayman completes the current section.

If he makes physical contact with Rayman, he will instantly eliminate the player by making Rayman fall from the stage as if he touched an instakill pit tile, even if Rayman had the Invincibility power-up. His voice is heard when he spots Rayman or when he reaches him.

In The Spooky Raymansion 3

The nightmarish Noseless Rayman as he appears in the third Spooky Raymansion.

As the nightmares return, so does Noseless Rayman as the antagonist and final boss in the third entry of the Spooky Raymansion games. The protagonist, confirmed in this game's final level to be Rayman all along, must survive through a new nightmare to end it all with his noseless twin haunting his mind.

This time, the noseless foe will appear in every level, with a new appearance and sounds, and a similar behaviour. However, he only appears once Rayman goes far enough into a level and the player receives no more message warning them of his presence. Noseless Rayman gets two new jump scares, with the first one being extremely similar to his jump scare in The Spooky Raymansion, and the second rarer one showing a grotesque white outline of his face with the sound of a glitch. The game over screen features many texts picked randomly whenever the player loses, one of them being a binary code translating to "NOSE".

However, Noseless Rayman is now unable to see Rayman in the dark, but will still inevitably walk towards him until he's caught. When he cannot see Rayman, Noseless Rayman's eyes keep looking around and he walks much slower. But when he does notice the player with the oil lamp turned on, he's as merciless as he was in the second game, with the more cramped level design and lack of hiding spots making it even harder to escape him.

At the end of Level 3, more instances of Noseless Rayman start to appear, as a warning to what will happen in the next area. In Level 4, multiple clones of Noseless Rayman start running after Rayman, with even more appearing on his way. If Rayman survives the chase and has gathered every Yellow Lum, he will be able to fight Noseless Rayman in Level 5.

In the ultimate level, Rayman gets to fight back for the first time against Noseless Rayman in the first boss battle of the series. Armed with a Shotgun, Rayman must shoot at Noseless Rayman until his health bar is entirely depleted while making sure to dodge his attacks, defeating him seemingly once and for all. The game ends with the message "See you in Spooky Raymansion 4" and a scream of Noseless Rayman, as a reference to Murfy's infamous line from Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc, implying Noseless Rayman could either return or never come back as a joking nod to Rayman 4. Uniquely, Noseless Rayman will disappear from the title screen once the game is completed, implying he may be truly gone from Rayman's nightmares.

In Return to The Spooky Raymansion


As one of Rayman's friends disappear while going treasure hunting in an abandoned place chock full of Tings, Rayman has no choice but to meet Noseless Rayman again as that place turns out to be the noseless monster's mansion. Noseless Rayman returns as the antagonist and final boss again, appearing in every level except the Intro, and only shows up on the title screen once that same stage is completed. He spawns after a while with the same warning message as before once Rayman steps into a new area. However, it won't happen as long as Rayman in Level 1's entrance or in the elevator in the later levels.

Noseless Rayman now appears three-dimensional, his facial features are always visible in the dark and he has a new jump scare showing his eyes as they appear in total darkness covering the screen, his scream being louder than in the past entries. The game over screen features many new texts, including one saying "Got your nose" and another being a binary code translating to "Nose". The latter was also used for the preview title of Return to The Spooky Raymansion's trailer.

Unlike his nightmarish version in the previous game, Noseless Rayman can see Rayman in the dark and will rush towards him whenever he enters his line of sight, the player being warned of such event by amplified sounds of his footsteps. Rayman can outrun him by sprinting this time, but his limited endurance prevents him from doing so for more than a few seconds.

In Level 5, Noseless Rayman becomes giant, being most likely the cause of the elevator suddenly collapsing into this level. He appears in his new size from an unreachable area visible through a hole in the elevator, crawling loudly towards the limbless hero. Rayman must make it to the next elevator to survive, and will hear the muffled voice of Noseless Rayman while the elevator's door closes if he successfully does so.

Rayman finds Globox chained up in the air in Level 6, his friend warning him that Noseless Rayman will return very soon. He hands him out his weapon and Rayman go as far as cursing while referring to Noseless Rayman as a monster, saying he already killed him in a nightmare and can do so again to end it once and for all. Noseless Rayman taunts him very loudly in response, telling Rayman he would like to see him try, and causing the room to shake. Noseless Rayman enters the stage from the elevator and must be fought with the Shotgun. Once half of Noseless Rayman's health is depleted, he will grow giant again, but not as big as he was in the previous level. Once his health bar is emptied, Noseless Rayman explodes and is seemingly defeated for good, Rayman and Globox safely escaping with their equipment and a big bag full of Tings. This time, Noseless Rayman doesn't disappear from the title screen, possibly implying he may not have met his demise after all.



  • The tweet where Noseless Rayman was first unveiled by Ryemanni was shared during the 9th of October 2019, just a few days prior the first teaser for The Spooky Raymansion posted during the 12th of October. His game finally released during Halloween of that same year.[2]
  • Noseless Rayman is very similar to other doppelgangers of Rayman seen in the series such as Dark Rayman, also sharing the danger of losing instantly by touching them. For both of these characters, this rule was changed during their respective boss fights, where Rayman had to hit them enough times and wouldn't lose instantly by making contact with his twin. Interestingly, both of these doubles are fought using projectiles other than Rayman's Fist in those games, with Bzzit being used in Rayman Redemption and the Shotgun in The Spooky Raymansion 3 and Return to The Spooky Raymansion.
  • The font and text of the message warning the player of Noseless Rayman's appearance is a nod to Minecraft, referencing players joining the game.
  • The music that plays during every final chase with Noseless Rayman is the attack theme of the Zombie Chickens from Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc.
  • Level 1 in The Spooky Raymansion 2 and the Intro in Return to The Spooky Raymansion are the only stages in the series where Noseless Rayman does not appear at all, thus making them the only safe levels.
  • Due to a change in the game engine for The Spooky Raymansion 2, Noseless Rayman is prone to getting stuck on obstructions when the player is standing in some locations. This is most apparent in Level 4, where Noseless Rayman has trouble moving through the bridges.
  • The text painted with blood found in the second level of The Spooky Raymansion 2 suggests an unknown entity may have fallen prey to Noseless Rayman before the events of the game.
  • A picture hidden in the files of The Spooky Raymansion 2 shows a grotesque edited version of Noseless Rayman's face, with huge eyes and a stock smile. This image was used as a foundation for the rare jump scare in The Spooky Raymansion 3 and a disturbing picture found in the same game.
  • The original head of Noseless Rayman from Rayman Redemption existed as a sprite in Rayman ReDesigner's files even before the easter egg was implemented.
  • Both The Spooky Raymansion 2 and The Spooky Raymansion 3 were originally teased in Rayman ReDesigner content released by Ryemanni. The first was unveiled through a fake ReDesigner Blerb and the other was revealed in the tenth stream dedicated to user-made levels through a fake level titled "Third Time's the Charm" with "no creator". On both occasions, they appear to be hijacking these videos as a sort of "glitch". Fittingly, most of the levels played by Ryemanni afterwards in that stream had a horror theme, with the one directly following the trailer being a level which attempted to adapt the first two Spooky Raymansion games into Rayman ReDesigner.
  • The Spooky Raymansion 3 and Return to The Spooky Raymansion are the only games with no red glow when Noseless Rayman is giving his final chase.
  • The Shotgun used against Noseless Rayman in the final boss battle in The Spooky Raymansion 3 is the Super Shotgun from DOOM II: Hell on Earth, and it even uses its sound effects and gameplay, albeit with infinite ammunition. Rayman's hands are styled similarly to the Doomguy's from that game during this fight. Noseless Rayman's ability to shoot fire could also be a reference to the demons from the DOOM series, most notably the Arch-vile.
  • The flames generated by Noseless Rayman use the same sprite has those created by Mr Dark in Rayman 1 and similar games such as Rayman Redemption.
  • The health bars during the boss battle in The Spooky Raymansion 3 are taken from Rayman 2: The Great Escape.
  • The song that plays during Noseless Rayman's boss battle in The Spooky Raymansion 3 is "It Has To Be This Way" from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The song's lyrics originally symbolised the similarities between Raiden and Steven Armstrong's philosophies, allowing them to understand each other but also forcing them to fight until they kill the other. This is mainly used to comedic effect here, with the player finally realising they were playing as Rayman all along and were as such the "same" as Noseless Rayman. Noseless Rayman's attacks are also reminiscent of Senator Armstrong's abilities.
  • The song that plays during Noseless Rayman's boss fight in Return to The Spooky Raymansion is "Undefeatable" from Sonic Frontiers, symbolising Rayman's constant victories against Noseless Rayman in the past. It also reflects Noseless Rayman's ability to transform to a gigantic size, as the original song played during the battle against the titan Giganto.