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Rayman ReDesigner is an unofficial game featuring a level editor, made by Ryemanni and using the Game Maker engine. It was first made available in January 2021 as a beta before getting a full release during February of the same year.

The game uses Rayman Redemption as a foundation for its gameplay and all of its features, and Rayman Designer for its concept as a map editor with playable user-made levels. It received many updates over time, fixing issues and implementing a lot more content, the latest being version 1.4.4 released in 2023.

It comes with four levels by default, created by Ryemanni, all of which are available in the game's "BundledLevels" folder. Players can create more or download creations shared online, which include levels, but also custom backgrounds, music, graphics and skins for even more customisation.

Rayman Redistributor, a website created by MeekRhino, is dedicated to sharing such content intended for Rayman ReDesigner. It features over a thousand levels as of 2023.


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Four levels by Ryemanni are featured, which have a small story or description, and they are showcases of what can be achieved through Rayman ReDesigner such as remakes of levels from other games.

Pink Plant Woods

The first level of the original Rayman game recreated within ReDesigner.
—Level description, Rayman ReDesigner

They Came From Outer Space!

A group of mean Space Pirates have arrived to Rayman's world and want to steal all the Electoons. Sound familiar? I don't think so! Infiltrate their mothership and use their own technology against them!
—Level description, Rayman ReDesigner

Revenge Of Mr. Skops

Mr. Skops is back and he hasn't slept for over a week. You need to escape his perilous caves before it's too late!
—Level description, Rayman ReDesigner

Curse Chaos

Can you survive Mr. Dark's devious obstacle course filled with curses and chaos?
—Level description, Rayman ReDesigner

Every world theme featured in Rayman Redemption returns in Rayman ReDesigner, plus a new one taken from the 2D prototype of Rayman 2. They are all available to select from the editor, although some have been condensed together into a single extra theme, including the castle in Mr Dark's Dare, Final Showdown, Dark Legacy, Dark Magician's Challenge, and the Rayman 2 Prototype. More graphics have been created or remade for most themes, some of which have been added through updates.

Through the layer system, the player can mix and match the environments of any world, also allowing extra decorations beyond the usual textures by having two layers of the same theme. Eight layers are available and their spots can be freely switched in the editor.

Most backgrounds and every piece of music from Rayman Redemption return to ReDesigner, and they can be chosen freely no matter the themes picked by the player. Only two default tracks can be picked per section, but a Music mechanism allows for a change to any track when Rayman goes through one of them. This object was originally only intended to play the drum tracks from the PlayStation version of Rayman, but this was changed in the updates released during 2023.

Foreground and atmospheric objects are also available to further decorate the player's levels. Custom graphics can be added by the player through PNG files and the Custom Graphic mechanism, allowing for an infinity of possible themes albeit only three layers are available for them. Unlike the other layers, custom graphics can be placed in the foreground, or in the background behind every other type of layer.


Rayman ReDesigner Game Jolt Cover.png

Rayman ReDesigner's level editor is the main feature of the game and is accessed from the main menu, unlike the original Mapper from Template:Rayman Designer which was a separate program. It also contains a test mode to try out a created section.

Keys used in the editor

  • (Q): Switches between editor and template mode
  • (R): Moves Rayman's spawn point number 0 to the mouse cursor
  • (E): Makes objects snap to the grid when moving them within the editor
  • (P): Reset camera position
  • (O): Test level
  • (G): Show grid
  • (L): Show links
  • (Home): Opens easter egg dialogue box (type "rdmrt" to unlock eight secret objects) or spawns the secrets directly if the code was already entered during the same session

Keys used in test mode

  • (Esc): Exit test mode
  • (A): Toggles debug flight
  • (T): Toggles display for invisible objects, tiles and collision zones

The editor is divided in four tabs.


Allows to customize a level's characteristics, such as name, description, author, size, starting HP, background, music and the number of sections. Levels can have a minimum size of 480 x 272, and a maximum size of 9600 x 9600. Life points can be adjusted from 1 to 10, although any value is actually possible by directly editing it through the level's text file.

This is where the test function can be selected, as well as the save and exit buttons. It also contains a settings menu for the editor itself, allowing to edit the interface's color, the grid's size and the key bindings.


The second tab contains the various tiles Rayman and most other entities can interact with. Many collision types are available, such as solid, passthrough, ice, bouncy, sticky, reactionary, damage, instant death or fall, and slope variations for a few types. Water comes in six types with splashes of different colors. Some of the collisions like the magic seed spots and rainbow canvas allow some specific items like magic seed and Paint Fist to function.

They can be freely placed regardless of the tilesets. Collisions can only be selected while this tab is open.


The tab allowing to place, move or remove layers. It also allows to toggle their visibility in the editor and to select one of the eight tilesets for each layer. The textures can then be selected by showing the template and by taking the desired textures by holding the mouse left's button. They can then be placed in the editor by holding the right button and moving the cursor until all the desired tiles are placed. Placing tiles through this menu will replace the collisions with those already featured by default in the template.

Textures can only be selected while this tab is open.


A tab which contains the seven object categories, allowing to place the game's various objects and characters, and to edit some of their proprieties such as their ID number for interactions with technical elements. Secrets, however, are not featured in any category and must be placed by repeating the editor's easter egg. Objects can only be selected while this tab is open, including the eight hidden ones.

  • 1. Items: Features power-ups and most items Rayman can collect.
  • 2. Utility: Contains many objects and some entities Rayman can interact with, such as exits, Pink Helpers and their red counterparts, checkpoints, size fairies, mounts and more.
  • 3. Technical: This category provides the various mechanisms allowing to add events to levels, such as trigger zones, levers, an effect turning levels dark, climbing collisions, chaser behaviors, custom graphics and more.
  • 4. Platforms: Includes all the various platforms Rayman can use and some similar objects.
  • 5. Obstacles: This category features the many obstacles that can hinder Rayman's progress, also including fluids, Mr Dark's curses and a few pseudo-enemies like Evil Eyes or Flying Spikes.
  • 6. Enemies: Contains all the enemies, chasers and bosses, and also a few harmless entities like Eye Fishes.
  • 7. Decoration: Features the decorative characters and objects, including foreground and weather elements. Some items have effects, such as piano keys making sounds when Rayman walks over them, or torches and lightbulbs lighting a small area within any level using the darkness effect.


The game plays almost exactly like Rayman Redemption, being a 2D side-scrolling platform game based on Rayman 1. Most objects and entities return from the original Rayman and Rayman Redemption, with some new ones as well, many added through updates. The same goes for most customization options like skins, Ting sound styles and more.

Amongst the new features, laser-washing powders from Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc return as power-ups instead of cosmetics, including a brand new one called Super Jump, based on the Power Jump Shoes from Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror. Many staples from Rayman Designer are brought back such as coloured Tings coming in eight colors, or mechanisms like the Gendoors and Killdoors.

Rayman ReDesigner does not feature the difficulty modes of its predecessor and instead provides a toggle for infinite lives in the game's other settings, thus making it possible to emulate Classic and Casual modes and to switch between them at any moment. The rigged power-ups from Demise also return as objects in the editor, and Rayman's health can be reduced to a lower value to replicate this mode.

Levels can feature up to 10 parts and are not accessed from a world map, unlike in Rayman Designer and Rayman Redemption. They are instead directly selected as files and can thus be replayed an unlimited number of times. Players have an option to restart a level from the beginning, or to be sent back to the last checkpoint at the cost of a life in case they get stuck in a level.

Some features from Rayman Redemption are, however, changed or missing like the golden cages, or the gifts and Magician tokens reappearing as transparent versions of themselves.


While there are no dialogues or dedicated boss battles in the game, most friends and foes from Rayman Redemption return as either decorative characters or as enemies. This includes some of Redemption's bosses and chasers. Foes chasing Rayman can be assigned some specific actions through mechanisms, such as attacking or jumping. Mr Dark also returns, but only as an obstacle inflicting curses with various effects, including summoning Dark Rayman.

Only Darktoon, Tentacle flower, the Big Redbot and the Menace Bomber can be defeated. Every other boss is invincible and will only be eliminated through Killdoors or by falling out of the stage, while Dark Rayman and any of his mounts will only disappear if Rayman makes contact with a Curse Cleaner. Some of the original bosses' attacks are available as separate obstacles or enemies such as Mr Dark's Tall Flames or the Space Pots summoned by Space Mama, and some of their minions such as the Picture City pirates return. Boss battles can be emulated by using the various mechanisms, items and creatures at the player's disposal.


  • The Magician: The Magician who introduced the story and provided various bonus challenges in Rayman Redemption. He is available both as an exit which can require Magician Tokens and as a decorative character who cannot be interacted with.
  • The Photographer: This character acts as checkpoint, taking a picture of Rayman to save his progress in the current level. Should Rayman lose a life, he will return to where he last had his picture taken. His photo board can still be customized through skins.
  • Bzzit: The hostile mosquito befriended by Rayman. He's available as a mount which can be freely controlled in any level, but he can be blocked by Stopsigns. Bzzit cannot be fought by Rayman, although Dark Moskito can appear to chase him if Rayman is riding Bzzit while being pursued by Dark Rayman.
  • Dinosaur: The Robot Dinosaur from the 2D prototype of Rayman 2. While originally an enemy which could be controlled by riding on its back, the Dinosaur is completely docile in Rayman ReDesigner and allows Rayman to be impervious to damage by mounting it and to spit flames at his enemies. A dark version of it can also appear if Rayman is riding the Dinosaur while being chased by Dark Rayman, although it's not available as a skin or as a separate usable mount.
  • Betilla: The benevolent floating fairy who helped Rayman in his quest, and who is available as a decorative character and cannot be interacted with.
  • Tarayzan: A character from The Dream Forest appearing very similar to Rayman and wearing a loincloth, who originally gave Rayman the Magic Seed. He's only available as a decorative character without any interactions, but his Magic Seed is still featured and now has a variation for most themes available.
  • Monk: A Monk from Gong Heights who originally released the Goldrings into the air. He's available as a decorative character, without any interactions, although his Goldrings still work in the same way as before.
  • Musician: A musician living high in the Blue Mountains, who loves to play some guitar and who originally granted Rayman the Super Helicopter. Him and his family are available as decorative characters with no interactions. Uniquely, Musician has two separate decorative variations, with one being him without his instrument and the other is himself playing the guitar. His house is also featured in the Blue Mountains theme, and so are its effects available in the decorations.
  • Painter: A painter originally met in Art Block and who rewarded Rayman with the Paint Fist for bringing back his art kit. He's simply a decorative character in Rayman ReDesigner and his art kit isn't available, unlike the Paint Fist which does return.
  • Joe: An alien who owns the Eat at Joe's snack bar on the beach of the Caves of Skops and who gave Rayman a Firefly to light the dark and sold him some useful wares. He's only a decorative character, but his bar is also available in The Caves of Skops theme and so are the neon lights available as a decorative object. Most of his technologies are also featured in that theme and as some objects, such as the Ufos, the buoys or the decorative lightbulbs which actually light the dark.
  • Jack: A friendly jack-in-the-box previously met in The Lair of the Chessmaster in Playtopia, giving Rayman a Toykey to get past his Doors. He's available as a decorative element, while his Doors and Key work as they did in Rayman Redemption
  • Clown Chef: A clown originally met in Choco Chambers, who allowed Rayman to use his old frying pan in return for fixing his ice-cream machine. He's only a decorative element. While the frying pan is featured in the game, this isn't the case for the ice cream machine or the ice cream it produced.


  • Darktoon: The ex-right-hand man of Mr Dark who attempted many times to hinder Rayman's progress. Despite becoming a friend after being reduced to a pair of eyes by Mr Dark in Rayman Redemption, he returns as a full-on enemy, being a miniboss who levitates horizontally in the air and shoots magic projectiles at Rayman. He's one of the few returning bosses who can be defeated, being only able to take a few punches from Rayman before flying away like most regular enemies.
  • Tentacle flower: A miniboss previously encountered in Moskito's Nest. It functions in a very similar way, attacking Rayman by spitting Livingstones and being defeated by a few hits to its mouth before collapsing with a massive final belch.
  • Moskito: Bzzit's malevolent counterpart, originally the boss of The Dream Forest, returning as a chaser who flies after Rayman while carrying a massive spiky purple fruit. As a flying chaser, he only responds to mechanisms that stop his movement. Despite being Moskito, his icon in the editor uses Bzzit instead, a possible reference to the ambiguity of Moskito having Bzzit's appearance during his chase in Rayman 1. His smaller spiky fruits are available as separate obstacles.
  • Big Redbot: Also known as the Mad drummer, a boss originating from Bongo Hills and who returns as a miniboss. He does not move but attacks Rayman with his huge maces, which cause energy projectiles to appear. The Big Redbot can be destroyed by taking several hits, but any damage will make him respond with an attack which will additionally spawn lightning bolts aimed at Rayman.
  • Mr Sax: The original boss of Band Land, a giant walking saxophone who attacks by blowing bad notes. He's available as a chaser, responding to every boss mechanism and attacking with a wrong note whenever he walks through an attack mechanism. His bombs and smaller bad note are available as separate obstacles.
  • Mr Stone: The boss of the Blue Mountains, an imposing creature made out of rock. He's a chaser with every boss mechanism having an effect on him, the attack one causing him to spit two energy flames from his torso, while his Stone Dogs and Lava Balls are available as separate entities.
  • Space Mama: A large woman who was the boss of Picture City and used many disguises in a theater setting to fight Rayman. She's available as a chaser in her space suit, reacting to every boss mechanism and using her rolling pin to shoot lasers when attacking. Uniquely, she can switch to a flight mode if encountering an attack mechanism while jumping, resuming her chase by spinning her laser rolling pin while in midair. The Robo Gunner enemy also wears a similar outfit and weapon and most of her minions and projectiles return as separate projectiles. Her minions also take the role of the alien antagonists in They Came From Outer Space.
  • Mr Skops: A giant scorpion and the original boss of the Caves of Skops. He's a chaser for the first time in Rayman ReDesigner, also being the antagonist of Revenge Of Mr. Skops. He reacts to every boss mechanism and attacks by throwing his telescopic pincer.
  • Menace Bomber: The boss of Playtopia, he is a green mischievous monkey-like and alien-like who was originally able to split in two. Only the green Menace is featured as a miniboss, being stationary and throwing bombs at Rayman. He can be defeated with a few hits.
  • Dark Rayman: The result of a curse cast by Mr Dark. He resembles Rayman with a dark palette and mimics every move he makes throughout the stage, even creating dark versions of his mounts to follow him when Rayman is riding Bzzit or the Dinosaur. Rayman must stay on the move as Dark Rayman's touch is lethal. He cannot be fought and can only be defeated by touching a Curse Cleaner or by finishing the stage. He also appears in Curse Chaos.
  • Mr Dark: Rayman's mysterious arch-nemesis, who originally stole the Great Protoon. He's available in his normal form as six obstacles, each casting a different curse at Rayman. The effects of his powers can only be cancelled by walking through a Curse Cleaner or by reaching an exit. While he cannot be fought, his Tall Flames and most of his minions are available as separate entities. He's also the antagonist in Curse Chaos.
  • Dark Magician: The antagonist from Rayman: The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror and who also appeared in Dark Magician's Challenge. He's only a decorative character, but his Magic Minions are featured as enemies while his Flint Jail is available in the extra theme.



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