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Rayman Bowling 2 is a comedic unofficial sequel to the original Rayman Bowling using the Game Maker engine, released in 2020 by Ryemanni. It is a celebration of the Rayman franchise's 25th anniversary.


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In this game, Rayman is challenged to a game of bowling by the three main antagonists from his original adventures, including the Black Lum André, the Robo-Pirate Admiral Razorbeard, and the evil Mr Dark. The game's tone is very comedic and self-aware, breaking the fourth wall at times and acknowledging the fact the Rayman franchise has been going on for 25 years as one of its plot points.

It is later discovered that "Mr Dark" in this game is secretly another character in disguise: The Teller, also known as Brain Blaster. He's the embodiment of one of Michel Ancel's first video games who is jealous of Rayman getting all the love and attention from his creator and already attempted to take him down disguised as Mr Dark in Rayman 1.


Rayman Bowling 2 is a 2D action bowling sports simulator game.

The goal is to throw bowling balls to knock down every bowling pin in the game's boards, which contain 10 phases each. Each board ends with a boss battle which Rayman must eliminate in the same way.

The game features hostile bowling pins alongside the regular ones. Enemies have a varied resilience and some can attack by spitting flames or rockets, while others only exist as obstacles.

Rayman's health is limited to six points and is only replenished once the player reaches a new board or a boss. Rayman has an unlimited supply of bowling balls, but the number which he uses he's tallied and the final result is displayed on the title screen, inciting the player to play as efficiently as possible for a better score.



  • André: The rude Dark Lum Lord and the main antagonist from Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc, returning to have his revenge. He's fought in Board 1, and despite his small size, he's perfectly capable of throwing bowling balls at Rayman and he also summons bowling pins to defend himself. Being a sore loser, he swears when he's defeated and asks Rayman to leave him alone, being afraid to be turned into a Red Lum by his grimace again.
  • Razorbeard: The spacefaring Robo-Pirate Admiral and the main antagonist from Rayman 2 The Great Escape, returning to fight Rayman again. He challenges Rayman in Board 2. Due to his weak stature, he's fought in a low-budget version of the Grolgoth called the "Bowlgoth" which doesn't come with an escape pod. This results in Razorbeard complaining about having to walk all the way home with his pegleg once he's defeated, grumbling angrily while leaving. His Bowlgoth is capable of shooting bowling balls from its arms and missiles its torso, the latter requiring to open its head and exposing itself to attacks.
  • Mr Dark: The diabolical and mysterious sorcerer Rayman had defeated during his first adventure. He's the one initiating the adventure by challenging Rayman to a game of bowling with André and Razorbeard at his side, jokingly explaining that they had to challenge Rayman to bowling because the game is called "Rayman Bowling 2". He's fought in Board 3 and uses his spells to attack Rayman with flames or bowling balls which spins around himself.
  • The Teller: The living embodiment of the eponymous puzzle game by Michel Ancel released in 1990, also known as Brain Blasters. He's fought after Mr Dark at the end of Board 3, attacking Rayman quickly with bowling balls and missiles, and summoning bowling pins as minions. He takes the appearance of a default puzzle piece from that game, but is first seen disguised as Mr Dark throughout most of the game, and claims to have been in that same disguise during Rayman 1. Jealous of Rayman's success, he waited 25 long years to exact his vengeance and to have a chance to surpass the limbless hero so he can take his place as his creator's favorite and successful game franchise, although noticing his father abandoned his brother too. Despite this, he had no evil intentions and only wanted to be loved and get a new game, even surrendering completely after being defeated and going as far as asking Rayman to put an end to his life. Touched by Rayman's offer of peace, he accepts to wait together for their next game, and gets to be introduced to Rayman's friends.



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