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Globox is a major character in the Rayman series of games as well as multiple fan-made games. While he is very prominent in the official games, second only to Rayman, in most fangames his role is less central.

Globox resembles a large, fat amphibian, who is blue-green in color, with a pale yellow belly and hands. While the rest of his body is fat and heavy, he has long thin arms. His webbed feet and small eyes float separately from his body. He is noticeably taller than most of the inhabitants of Rayman's world, including Rayman.

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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Redemption, The Spooky Raymansion 2, Globox Terror: Escape of the Lumar Eclipse, Rayman ReDesigner, The Spooky Raymansion 3,Return to The Spooky Raymansion
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Sex Male
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In Rayman Redemption

In Rayman Redemption, Globox appears as an easter egg, in a hidden location in the third part of Eat at Joe's which can be reached by jumping on bouncy invisible tiles. He's located where the exit sign would usually be found in the later version of this section, appearing as a picture of himself standing and smiling happily, saying "I LIVE" as a reference to the mentions of his removal in Rayman Redemption's latest patch notes. However, Rayman cannot interact with him.

He is also referenced in a cheat code - entering GLOBOX!! causes the message GLOBOX MOMENT to be displayed as a reference to the eponymous meme.

In The Spooky Raymansion 2

Globox does not physically appear in The Spooky Raymansion 2, but a picture of him also referencing the Globox Moment meme can be found hung on a wall in Level 3.

In Globox Terror: Escape of the Lumar Eclipse

In Globox Terror: Escape of the Lumar Eclipse, Globox takes an uncharacteristic role of the main antagonist as a dark and twisted parody of himself, similarly to Noseless Rayman. He's much taller than usual and his body appears shadowy with black and dark red colors, while his eyes are a sinister yellow and many small tentacles are attached to his shape. His voice sounds completely abnormal and monstrous, not even resembling his original voice.

He first appears in the labyrinth after a while and subsequently hunts down the player relentlessly and kills them upon catching, appearing to absorb them into his darkness. He walks towards the player and can also run once going berserk when the Lumar Eclipse is triggered, he can also teleport to specific points in the maze and spawn Wormholes when more Yellow Lums are collected.

If the game is completed along every bonus objectives, two special modes are unlocked: Globox Slayer, where the player takes the role of Globox and must hunt the original protagonist, and Globox Moment - a relaxing humorous intermission, where multiple instances of the original Globox can be seen dancing endlessly with music in the background. The Globox Moment meme is referred both in this extra mode and on a painting found on the walls of the secret blue area of the maze.

In Rayman ReDesigner

Similarly to his appearance in Rayman Redemption, Globox can be found as an easter egg. He's one of the eight secrets objects available in the editor since version 1.3.3. He can be added through the editor by pressing the "Home" key on a keyboard and entering the code "rdmrt". He can be manipulated like most other objects and so more than one Globox can exist at the same time.

This time, Globox is actually animated and makes his sounds from Rayman 2 The Great Escape, but still cannot be interacted with, aside from possibly removing him with a Killdoor.

Globox was also used quite a few times to humorously promote the game, mostly through the use of the Globox Moment meme or variations of it.

In The Spooky Raymansion 3

Globox does not appear in person in The Spooky Raymansion 3, but a picture of the Globox Moment meme can be found in Level 3, hung on the fake wall hiding the Yellow Lum of the level.

In Return to The Spooky Raymansion

In Return to The Spooky Raymansion, Globox left a note to Rayman informing his friend that he found a seemingly abandoned place that contains so many Tings that they could be set for life, and went inside with a Ting Finder to gather them. His note also tells Rayman that he should go get him should he not return by dawn, which is indeed what triggers the game's events as he ended up captured by Noseless Rayman. However, the note is so damaged that its author is unknown by this point in the game.

Globox is found in the last level, chained up in the air and holding a Shotgun in his hand. He warns Rayman of Noseless Rayman and gives him his Shotgun. After Rayman defeats Noseless Rayman and frees his friend, Rayman and Globox safely escape the mansion, Rayman still carrying his Shotgun and Globox holding the Ting Finder 9000 and a bag full of Tings.