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The Spooky Raymansion is a comedic horror fangame created by Ryemanni and using the Unity engine, notable for introducing Noseless Rayman to his own game series. The game was released for Halloween 2019.

The game takes place inside a sinister mansion very similar in appearance to a Robo-Pirate stronghold from Rayman 2 The Great Escape. The player has to escape while being hunted down by Noseless Rayman, a parody of Rayman without a nose.

The Spooky Raymansion 2, a sequel, released in 2020. The Spooky Raymansion 3 subsequently released in 2021. Return to The Spooky Raymansion, a fourth game, ultimately released in 2023.


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The Spooky Raymansion has no story to speak of, but its events are implied to take place a year before those of The Spooky Raymansion 2, with the protagonist having nightmares of their first adventure inside the mansion.

It may be inferred from Return to The Spooky Raymansion's events that the protagonist was Rayman who came looking for Tings within the mansion using his Ting Finder in order to get rich, just as Globox did in the fourth game. Ryemanni has later confirmed[1] that the protagonist of every Spooky Raymansion was indeed Rayman all along, and the events of the first game resulted in Noseless Rayman haunting Rayman's nightmares, which are the setting of Level X in The Spooky Raymansion 2 and of the entirety of The Spooky Raymansion 3.

Unlike its successors, the game does not have any level system and only features a unique big maze.


Noseless Rayman chasing the player.

The Spooky Raymansion is a first-person horror maze game with a concept and structure similar to Pac-Man. The player has to collect all the 97 Tings in the game's labyrinth in order to generate a portal which will appear at the player's original spawning spot. To help them, the player holds a Ting Finder device which acts as an electronic map detailing the maze's structure and displaying both the player and the Tings' location.

There are two additional objectives for players wanting to challenge themselves, which are collecting two secret Yellow Lums and escaping in under five minutes.

While the player looks for the Tings, Noseless Rayman will appear somewhere in the maze after a short moment with the message "Rayman has joined the game." Noseless Rayman will constantly track down the player, but he cannot go faster than them. However, in a few spots, he can catch the player by surprise by going after them from another intersection in the maze.

Any physical contact with Noseless Rayman will result in the player getting jump scared and losing instantly, sending them back to the title screen. To avoid Noseless Rayman, the player can listen for his footsteps and his voice.

The labyrinth also contains two secret areas hidden behind fake walls which the player can walk through. Inside each of them, the player will find a Yellow Lum. They can also use those places to hide from Noseless Rayman who will retreat to the player's spawning point until they come out, which works even during the final chase.

Once the player has collected all the Tings, the portal will appear. Noseless Rayman will get furious, as indicated by his aggressive voice and speed, the ambient sounds being replaced by a chase music and a red light glowing around him and illuminating the whole maze. The player must hurry as Noseless Rayman will try to prevent them from reaching the exit in time, although he's still not faster than the player.

Once they go through the portal, the player wins and they'll earn stars if they accomplished the bonus objectives. Those stars are then displayed on the title screen.



  • Unlike the next games, the title is spelled "The spooky Raymansion".
  • The message warning of Noseless Rayman's appearance is a reference to Minecraft, even using the same font. The Ting Finder is also held in a way similar to the maps from that game.
  • Noseless Rayman's voice is an edited version of sounds from the original Rayman such as the "Yeah" jingle.
  • The ambient music playing during most of the game is the "(Ambient) Air Currents" track from Rayman 2 The Great Escape.
  • The chase music occurring when the player has collected all the Tings is the attack theme of the Zombie Chickens from Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc.
  • The icons used for the bonus objectives are the ranking stars from Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc and they use the same sound effect as well.

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