Globox Terror: Escape of the Lumar Eclipse

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Globox Terror: Escape of the Lumar Eclipse, often abridged Globox Terror, is an unofficial horror Rayman game created by FroztySeven and released in 2020 on Windows and Mac, although the latter build was released alongside version 1.1.0 and is untested. It got a few updates improving the game based on players' feedback, the final version being V1.1.1.

Similarly to The Spooky Raymansion, the game takes place within a dark maze with the player being chased by a terrifying parody of a Rayman character, Globox being the one hunting for the player's blood in this game. The player must escape with the help of some items, such as Lums and the Lumar unleashing the Lumar Eclipse, granting the power of freedom to leave the maze through an exit.


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The game does not feature a story and takes place within a single big open maze, in some sort of desolate land with extremely tall walls and a sinister red sky. The goal is to find all the Yellow Lums, which will summon the Lumar, a bright glowing orb moving through the maze. If the player can get the Lumar, it will be sent to the sky and explode into a Lumar Eclipse, illuminating the labyrinth and opening one of the exits. The player must then escape without getting caught by Globox, who goes berserk after the Lumar Eclipse takes effect, making him hunt down the player much faster and relentlessly.

There are some bonus objectives to complete, which unlock two extra game modes, the first being Globox Slayer allowing the player to play as Globox, and the second being Globox Moment where the player can relax by looking at multiple instances of the original Globox dancing endlessly within an enclosed part of the labyrinth.


Globox Terror is a first-person horror maze game. It features three difficulty modes, the third one requiring the player to beat the game in any of the other two. Beating the game will also unlock the cheats, the first being Godmode making the player invincible, and the second being the Nasty Hack which completes and unlocks everything.

  • Noob: This mode makes it easier to find Lums and prevents the flashlight from ever draining. It is intended for beginners so they can learn the game.
  • Normal: The intended way to play the game and which gives the player a limited flashlight, adding some batteries on the map to recharge it by picking them up.
  • Insane: The hard difficulty, causing the flashing to deplete much faster and adding more Wormholes. Before version 1.1.0, the flashlight didn't work at all in this mode, forcing the player to play through the whole level in the dark.

There are seven objectives in total:

  • Escape in any difficulty.
  • Escape in under eight minutes. Before version 1.1.0, this objective required the player to beat the game in under ten minutes.
  • Find a secret blue area, which is located around the south near the middle of the maze and is hidden by a fake wall. This secret location glowing blue contains a message on two of its walls which is a reference to the "Globox Moment" meme.
  • Find the hidden Red Lum, which appears at times in a secret area located north-east in the maze and hidden behind a suspicious fake wall, a "???" paint on a wall nearby hinting at its position.
  • Escape in Insane difficulty.
  • Escape without ever stopping walking, running being forbidden. Prior to version 1.1.0, this objective expected the player to wait five minutes to see an easter egg involving Globox's sinister effects. The timer for this easter egg was also subsequently changed to three minutes.
  • Complete all the other objectives.

Successfully completing all of them will unlock the extra modes: Globox Slayer and Globox Moment. In Globox Slayer, the player takes control of Globox, inheriting his abilities to scream and to teleport to random specific points. They must find and catch the original player character in the labyrinth, appearing as a very basic black three-dimensional object holding the flashlight and moving randomly through the maze without making any effort to avoid Globox. Globox Moment will send the player back to the blue area, but expanded with four clones of the original Globox dancing endlessly while the Globox Moment text is repeated more times on the walls and pulsating on them. There is nothing to do in this mode, so the player must manually exit it from the pause menu.

The player can jump and sprint, although their endurance is limited and recharges slowly. They also have a flashlight which has either a limited or unlimited battery depending on the difficulty mode, and which can be turned off to economise its battery. A map of the labyrinth can also be found on some walls, displaying the player and the exits' positions as well as the labyrinth's layout, the entirely closed spots hinting at the secret locations.

Making physical contact with the terrifying Globox will result in an immediate game over. Globox has the ability to teleport to some specific points on the map, marked by cracks in the ground. Various messages can show up on the screen to warn the player of something significant happening, such as the evil Globox's awakening, Wormholes or the Lumar spawning, and more.

The first goal is to find ten Lums. As the player collects more of them, more hazards will make their appearance, such as Wormholes that can potentially eliminate the player by teleporting them near Globox. The player can jump over them to avoid this. If they successfully collect all the necessary Lums, the Lumar will be summoned and start moving through the maze, signalling its presence by its sound effects and its bright light easily visible through the walls. If the player manages to touch the Lumar, it will be unleashed in the sky and trigger a Lumar Eclipse which will open one of the exits. Since version 1.1.0, there's a visual indicator in the sky to help the player find their escape point. During a Lumar Eclipse, Globox goes berserk, becoming much faster and more focused on eliminating the player. When the player successfully escapes, the game is over and their last escape time will be featured on the title screen.



  • The music playing during Globox Moment mode is Globox's theme from Rayman M and Rayman Arena.
  • In version 1.1.0, some Rayman 2-related textures were added on walls, such as Murfy's face.

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