Rayman: Scepter of Leptys

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The logo of Rayman: Scepter of Leptys

Rayman: Scepter of Leptys is an unofficial animated series set in the world of Rayman, currently being developed by Unheard Voices. The series will consist of 3 seasons, each one including 6 episodes. The show will be 3D animated and include brand-new characters, an original soundtrack and a new voice cast.

Project history

In 2021, Unheard Voices and Spinu2B started developing Rayman: Scepter of Leptys. The project started as a Unity fangame based on the Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc gameplay loop. The early builds included many working mechanics and a new enemy, “The Watcher”. In June 2022, Unheard and Spinu2b decided to split the project due to both directors wanting to achieve different end goals. Spinu started a new project, RayUnited, an open-source Unity framework for creating your own fangames, while Unheard Voices decided to rework his original story ideas into an animated series format. In 2023, the scripts for the first season of the series were completed, alongside a few character models. On December 16th the reveal trailer for the show has been released.

Story synopsis

Five years have passed since Rayman and his friends defeated the Hoodlums and restored peace to the Glade of Dreams. But, along with Rayman being haunted by the ghosts of his past, a new threat is looming; The Prophet. He is a mysterious leader of the Sorcerers of the Night, plotting to resurrect Leptys, the ancient god of darkness who has been imprisoned for decades. Rayman and his friends must unravel and fight against this scheme to ensure the safety of the Glade of Dreams. Meanwhile, Ly, the fairy is forced to confront her own origins and the secrets of the people of Prhys.


  • Director: Unheard Voices
  • Scripts: Unheard Voices & Silver Lum
  • Concept art: AliVe, Misty
  • Music: Jinjo
  • Rigging & animation assistance: Delano762

Voice cast

  • Rayman - EndiTheEndo
  • Ly - Silverlum
  • The Prophet - Unheard Voices


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