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Rayman Distorted is a novel-style fan game currently in development.

The project was first announced at Rayman Alive 2023, where a short trailer was shown retelling the plot against the backdrop of finished game materials.


The project is being developed on the Ren`Py 8.1.1 engine, animations are created in Spine 2D 4.1.17. Development began in September 2023.

The development team consists of only one person - KrivoNo. CrazyKyoto, who is also a tester along with RadiKato, helped with the script.


The main character is Raymesis. Waking up from sleep, he noticed that something was wrong with the world of the Crossroads of Dreams. The whole world looked devastated due to the apocalypse that had happened in it. Its cause was Dark Rayman (here they call him Darkman), who went crazy and established his own order in the world, distorting everything that was created by Polokus, who plunged into an eternal nightmare.

The game is planned to have no more than three endings (not counting the various options for death), which will depend on the player’s choice.


(the list of characters is incomplete, to avoid unnecessary spoilers before release)

Interesting Facts

  1. The main character could have been Ly or one of the Princesses, but after some discussion it was decided to take Raymesis.
  2. The working title of the game was Rayman Distored, not Rayman Distorted, because the author accidentally made a typo and didn't notice until the last moment.
  3. The probable rating of the game is 18+, due to the presence of rather unpleasant scenes, strange images and obscene language.


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