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Rayman Redemption Cover Art.jpg

Rayman Redemption is an unofficial remake and reimagining of the original Rayman game, made by Ryemanni and released in 2020 for PCs running Microsoft Windows. Its final update, version 1.1.4, was released later the same year.

This reimagined version of Rayman 1 features nearly all content from that game and focuses on expanding it as well as refining its gameplay, story and difficulty.

The graphics remain mostly the same, using assets from Rayman 1, its ports and prototype versions, as well as spin-offs, such as Rayman Designer. Additionally, entirely new assets were created in the style of the original game. Rayman Redemption adds support for widescreen view and modern screen resolutions. While classic 4:3 is supported, the reduced visible range in this mode makes some locations awkward.

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Globox as he appears in Globox Terror: Escape of the Lumar Eclipse

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Ever wondered what Rayman would look like without his iconic nose? Worry no more. Or actually... start worrying.
Noseless Rayman's introductory tweet, Ryemanni